a blog site

Oct 23, 2012 eccentric-authenticationblog site

A blog site This blog specifies how Eccentric Authentication can be used to design a blog site. The most impressive aspect is that we can create a blog site that allows anyone to blog using a pseudonym. Even the site operators cannot learn the real identity of the blogger. Commenters can write either anonymous or under a pseudonym. And we show how participants can write private message to each other, again without any third party being able to read the contents of the messages.

announcing eccentric authentication

Oct 22, 2012 eccentric-authentication

Eccentric Authentication Eccentric Authentication (Ecca) is a protocol to replace password authentication with client certificates. By doing so we can: make it easier to login and log out of web sites; make it anonymous; you can sign up to site without providing any details that would tie the account to your person; make communication more secure; you can exchange encrypted messages securely without revealing your identity to anyone. It’s ideal for a dating site.

the worlds most private dating site

Oct 22, 2012 eccentric-authenticationdating site

The worlds most private dating site With Eccentric Authentication we can design the worlds most private dating site. Ecca gives us benefits that other authentication mechanisms cannot provide. Namely: Completely anonymous and fully secure. Similarities Like any other dating site, ours allows you to create a profile and search for other peoples’ profiles. When you’ve found a Profile-of-Interest, you can write messages to the person behind the profile. The similarities end here.